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49-page E-book - The tab includes all of the banjo breaks on the CD plus many examples of backup covering a wide range of tempos and styles.

Included is open, rolling down-the-neck backup (up-tempo), two-string
up-the-neck backup (medium-tempo), and bluesy triplets on a slow vocal

Transcribed from the Rounder CD "The Storm Still Rages" recorded by Tom
with Rhonda Vincent
, as a member of Rhonda's award-winning (2001 IBMA
Entertainer of the Year) band, The Rage.

Four of the songs give the student a chance to work out the backup for
songs in different keys without using a capo - backup for songs in the
Keys of E, Eb, F, and F# is played while the banjo is still in open

A bonus section includes tablature for Tom's backup on 3 songs as he played them on the band's live shows.

All songs are in open G-tuning, including the hard-driving Bluegrass Express.

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