I'm Sitting On Top Of The World Banjo Tab PDF + MP3

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The tab contains 3 banjo breaks. The 1st Break lays down a clear melody, assisted by Scruggs licks during the C chord, and leading into and during the D chord. The 2nd Break is a "fancier" break with backward rolls on a C7 chord and a much "busier" third line than the 1st Break. The 3rd Break is an example of a solo that is both tasteful and "hot" in terms of the phrasing and note choices, a good solo for leading into the final vocal section where a "hot" break may be just the ticket. Style: Scruggs-style/Tom Adams-style 3-finger banjo playing, Key of G, G Tuning, gDGBD, 51 measures. Tab by Tom Adams.