Banjo In The Hollow Banjo Tab PDF + TEF

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This is Tom's transcription of Doug Dillard's playing on The Dillards' 1963 album "Back Porch Bluegrass". Banjo In The Hollow as played and written by Doug Dillard is different from the beginner level tune by the same name. G Tuning, gDGBD, Key of A, capo 2nd fret and play as in G. Search YouTube for "The Dillards - Banjo In The Hollow" to hear the audio on which this tab is based.

If you learned the beginner level version and you'd now like to learn the tune with the right-hand rolls, left-hand fingering and chord progression as heard on The Dillards' classic original, this tab's for you. Recommended: play the tune in the Key of A (capo 2nd fret), where the frets are closer together to make the left-hand fingering in Part B easier.