White Oak On The Hill Banjo Tab PDF + TEF + MP3

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In the late 1980s, when I was in the Johnson Mountain Boys, Ralph Stanley's band consisted of the members heard on this recording of White Oak On The Hill from Ralph's album "I'll Answer The Call".

The 1988 recording features instrumental turnarounds by the fiddle and guitar. No banjo break appears on "White Oak" so, based on Sammy Adkins' lead vocal, I wrote the tab for a full verse break to the song. The backup is based on the two-string up-the-neck backup that you hear Ralph playing on the track.

The accompanying MP3 is played with my banjo capoed at the 2nd fret for the Key of A, the key used on the Stanley LP.

Lyrics are shown below the tab in both the Break and the Backup to
indicate where you are in the song as you play through the tab.

Tom Adams